Bollywood Engagement

Bollywood Engagement

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Bollywood Engagement Exclusive merchandise created for " HIGHWAY " by 1469.


The youthful yet indigenous spirit of the film was complemented by 1469 merchandise. The multi talented Vijender Singh was spotted sporting 1469 Tshirts in the movie and otherwise too.


1469’s alliance with Imtiaz Ali continued to be manifested with Highway. From exhibiting priceless bagh in the movie to being actively involved in the promotions, 1469 was there. The tasteful music of the film translated into quirky T-shirts with captions like “Pataka Guddi” and ”Lauhauri Philauri” to complement the journey through the “Highway”.

Exclusive merchandise created for " HIGHWAY " by 1469


1469 created a symbiosis with Rockstar with their shared depth in philosophy and layers of characters. Exclusive movie merchandise was endorsed by 1469 with revolutionary captions like ‘Sadda Haq” which create a stir in the market.


The Vegetairan “Mayur” from Highway on my plate is often spotted in 1469 T-shirts exhibiting his love for the brand, like all things authentic.

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